Robert Bernstein

Profile Updated: November 3, 2016
Residing In: Flourtown, PA USA
Spouse/Partner: Maureen Keeley
Occupation: Teacher in Philadelphia
Children: Daniel born 1983
Alexander born 1987

Married 34 years

Playing tennis

RIP Sam deceased
Bogart deceased
Murray too miserable to die

School Story:

Kravitz says it all

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RANDALL VICKS has left an In Memory comment for Robert Bernstein.
Jan 07, 2024 at 9:37 AM

Central High...Penn State...and the next 50 years.  I really got to know Bobby in the early 80's.  My wife and I used to visit with him and Maureen up in Lafayette Hill.  There were times when I would even bring my dog with me to hang up with "Sam".  Bob introduced us to Moms Bake At Home Pizza, which was a staple of ours for many years.  Bob had a sharp wit and could be brutally honest and that's one of the things I appreciated most.  I often returned the favor.  I think that all the sentiments expressed here let me know the power of this connection we all share.  I would always call Bob on his birthday and the last time I did I could hear something different in his voice.  But his kindness and genuine spirit were still there.  I hope that he knew that he was special to me...I think he did.


steven Selbst has left an In Memory comment for Robert Bernstein.
Jan 04, 2024 at 10:05 PM

Such sad news.  Bobby lived around the corner from us growing up, and we shared many good times even years before Central.  I just looked at an old photo of him and I was reminded of his innocent grin!  Like my brother Rich, Bobby also took me to my first Eagles game and that day I became a life-long fan.  I also had some unforgetable evenings at Connie Mack Stadium with B, his father Ralph, and our group of excited kids.  It was a treat to run into him at Phillies games years later.  As others have noted, Bobby always had that smile, a sarcastic comment or joke, and often a humorous story about his favorite math teacher, Mr Kravitz. 

 Bobby was so genuine, calm and unassuming.  Rick Cohen reminded me of our video of B, when he was given a 3 inch trophy and 'inducted into the Churchlot Hall of Fame'.  You can read his lips while he joked, "This is the happiest moment of my life".  In the program of our 25 year Leeds Junior High reunion, Bobby even listed that moment as one of his life highlights (along with his family and career!).  His humor was unique. 

I loved the guy.  He was a gem. 

RICHARD SCHWARTZ has left an In Memory comment for Robert Bernstein.
Jan 04, 2024 at 6:06 PM

I sure appreciated reading Bob's friends give him the praise and admiration he so well deserved. It made me realize how important his rosey-cheeked smile with his beaming personality to back it up was to so many of us...and in a lasting way. Good life Bobbie. My favorite memory of Booby was after we had graduated. At this point, he was going all around the city filling his gaming machines at all these mom-and-pop corner stores- Philly's lifeblood. I had moved to California and contacted Bobby to get together when I came back to visit. He was working and invited me to accompany him on his route. It was an important day in my life. He knew all these store owners of all nationalities and in so many locations I had never been in. I had wanted to tag along with him both to spend time together and see his life and neighborhoods I was never in, corners I had never walked, and corner stores I had never dreamed of. My Grandfather had a corner store in North Philly which we visited on Sundays. As a young kid I was almost overwhelmed with excitement knowing I would get to take home a comic book and some candy and see the cans stacked up in pyramids. So going around with Bobbie had deep roots for me. He explained why and how he did things. But it was his sincere and joyful (truly enjoying himself) interactions in these stores that really stuck with me. People from the neighborhood walked in and talked, kids skipped in all excited. Bobbie explained the meanings that different levels of toys left in the machines in different stores and I think even how he chose the prizes and how his experience helped him know his customers' preferences. Bobbie was just doing his thing like only he could do. He even explained to me how he would procure his stock of prizes for the machines and little details of the store owners or neighborhoods. I felt like I was a witness to something I could not hope to describe, but it was Bobbie through and through and it gave me this magical feel and experience of Philadelphia in its magnificent fullness...all led by the rosey-cheeked wonder. What a tour leader. I think now, after reading all these memories and tributes, that Bobby was much more of a tour leader of his wonderful soul than I had realized. Rest well Boobie. We will remember you always in the meantime. 




BRUCE ACKERMAN has left an In Memory comment for Robert Bernstein.
Jan 04, 2024 at 5:35 PM

I am so sorry to hear about Bobby's passing. I had several classes with him and he was always a lot of fun. One instance stands out. During 11th grade we sat next to each other in Spanish class. Our teacher was Mrs. Turick and she had been out on medical leave. We had several substitutes, some good, some not so good and some totally naive, hapless, clueless individuals. And one woman substitue  checked all of the boxes. Putting her in a room full of 16 year old boys was not the best thing for her. On that one day she was being razzled pretty intensly and Bobby was the tormentor-in-chief. I sat next to him  and laughed with everyone else but never said a word. Suddenly, she became very angry and lambested the class. Then she turned towards the chief agitator- Bobby, and started to walk towards him. I thought that she was going to send him to Gregory's office, have his parents come in, expel and send him to an OB school. . She got right up to him and then took 2 steps to the left and planted her face in mine and proceeded to rip me a new a--hole. I looked over at Bobby and he was literally frozen, his jaw dropped. When she turned around to go back to her desk he  lost it completely and was laughing so hysterically i thought he may have a convulsion.

He was a really good guy. Thanks Bobby for this great memory and rest in peace old friend. 


JOHN WIGGINS has left an In Memory comment for Robert Bernstein.
Jan 04, 2024 at 11:18 AM

Bobby and I attended many Phillies and Sixer games together. We celebrated World Series wins (and losses) and Sixer titles. We were together not only for the good times but also for the challenges that we both faced in our lives. His kindness and humor will never be forgotten.


John Wiggins 

MARK COOPER has left an In Memory comment for Robert Bernstein.
Jan 03, 2024 at 7:02 PM


As Commisioner of The Church Lot....B will be posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame. B was one of the original founding members of the Church lot ,playing in the inaugral 1963-64 season. A hard nosed line backer ,his offensive prowess as a full back intiated the infamous play call " Hey Diddle Diddle..B up the middle"

As a fellow Mt Airy guy, I enjoyed playing cards,wiffle ball ,and just "shooting the shit" with B. Those rosy cheeks and rotund habitus will be missed.  

He never graduated with the 228,but was always considered a loyal member of our class







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Nice to see you last week. bob

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You are way to old!

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