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Allan Richards

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08/19/17 09:47 AM #1    

Ronald Netsky

I have wondered and asked classmates about Allan for years. I had heard that this was probable but I still went anxiously to the list of new names when I saw his, sadly, only to see it confirmed. After half a century I still often think of Allan, remembering the gentle, thoughtful, wonderful person he was.

08/20/17 09:51 AM #2    

Larry Loebell

Allan, Saul Spangenberg, and I went on a road trip together up the east coast to Cape Cod.  We got hassled by police in Greenwich, Ct.  I lost track of Allan after high school, and have often wondered about where his life took him.  Very sorry to hear about his passing.

08/20/17 11:24 AM #3    

Roy Goldman (Goldman)

I echo Ronald's thoughts.  I did not know Allan that well, but I do remember him that way.  We are all diminished by the loss of a classmate.  

08/20/17 07:17 PM #4    

Howard Ford

Ronald nailed Allan's stunning qualities. I remember he wore a corduroy jacket at times & always looked handsome. I think I knew him from Debate Team, but the years have washed some memories too clean.


08/22/17 10:14 PM #5    

Joseph D'Alessandro

I met Allan in 7th grade at Vare Junior High School: we were in the same homeroom and we were both in the school orchestra (Allan played the cello).  Allan was such a fascinatingly charismatic person:  smart, charming, often quiet and reserved, yet eloquent when he did speak.  He lived on Christian Street in South Philly, and he told me that his family was West Indian and belonged to the Episcopal Church.  He joined the fencing team at Central, and also fenced at the YMCA which had a children's class on Saturdays and adult classes on Monday and Friday.  Allan was quite adept at fencing:  he had a natural grace and strength. 

I last saw him at a department store in Center City in the summer of 1969 and he mentioned that he was going to a college in Florida.  I never saw him again and learned of his passing from my parents who had read about it in the paper. 

03/26/19 11:05 PM #6    

Richard Schwartz

This is a painful one to write. I had looked for Allan ever since high school. We sat next to each other in Mr. Logan's English class and were both on the fencing team. Allan was one of my heroes. I deeply admired him and his reserved manner and was moved by it as he was the first person I had met to have such sensibilities. When you looked at him you clearly saw how  he considered everything carefully and with sensitivity. He was possibly the most always sincere person I have met in my life. I enjoyed just watching him as his personality (for a young man) was just so damn admirable. When called on in English his responses were jaw-dropping as I would never have thought of what seemed to come so easily to him. There was no egoism to his genius, it was just the pleasure of his thinking that he shared. He was indeed quiet, but interacting with him you realized he was right there. So different than most of us young men. 

On the fencing team, he was full of consentration and total observation and planning. Allan was a careful intentional young man. He was different in that way as he was so developed in these characteristics. I always wondered what would become of such an amazing person.

But it seems Allan, like so many who are gifted with sensitivity, paid a price for it. I think his consideration of life and deep thought became, at times, painful for him. He was like a young man living an artist's life, never compromising on what he deeply believed in but possibly being overwhelmed sometimes by his openness. After high school I occassionaly found myself worrying about Allan. Like the person who seemed too good, too open, too sincere for the likes of this world. 

While I don't know what happened to Allan, I am sure he remained his self in his convictions and fascination of life. I am deeply saddened he did not live longer, but must try and trust he followed his path and a higher power guided him through his life. Rest in Peace Allan Richards. We can only hope to meet you again someday.

With Deep Respect,

Richard Schwartz

03/26/19 11:14 PM #7    

Richard Schwartz

And leave it to Howard Ford, the class jester of sorts with a smilin' twinkle in his eye, to remember that brown corduroy jacket. That helps Howard. As usual, you have eyes that we need.

03/27/19 11:50 AM #8    

Louis Dvorkin

Allan was a great guy. He will be very much missed.

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