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Herbert Gorn

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09/12/10 10:15 PM #1    

Richard Schwartz

 I still remember vividly Herb lumbering down the hall with that big all-star smile of his, his books grasped in one big hand. He always seemed to have that smile on. He was a happy, friendly guy. He was interested in others and right there for you and you knew it. Herb was easy-going and he enjoyed himself. I tried to find Herb after graduation but could not. I read in the email he had joined the Marines and passed away in 2004 during a race. I think I can still see him running in his CHS gym shorts, smiling, laughing. I wish I had been able to find him. I don't know what he was doing after graduation, other than what was reported. How odd he is already gone, memories of 1969 are right here, and I am searching about what I can do. What to think.

It was just so damn odd. I was working at my computer and that little pop-up window shows you an email you received. All I could see was "Herb Gorn Deceased." Too sudden. Too final. Too sad. I told myself finish what you are doing and then read the email with your full attention. But it was too late. Everything seemed wrong without stopping and just going to the email. Somehow, though I can't put my finger on it exactly, Herb passing, so far away in time, so out of touch with us, was suddenly upon me in that his passing brought his living right up to my immediate attention and it was suddenly 1969 again. And it was all over. Not a thing I can do, but remember that good dude. 

I am going to miss you Brother Herb, even though I did not see you since Central. You were an integral part of those hallways for me. I could always see you coming and knew I would feel good after speaking with you. Dream on Herb. You are not forgotten. I sure wish I could speak with you one more time, my friend.

Richard Schwartz

09/24/10 01:26 PM #2    

Kevin Muszynski

I worked with Herb for a few years before he died.  I knew he was in some of my classes at Central, but I didn't know him until he came to my office.  He was well liked and there was a very large turnout at his funeral.  I see the comment from Richie Schwartz, Herb would have liked it.

Herb was living in Northeast Phila. and was very devoted to his daughter, Emily.  

I was working on him to attend the next 228 reunion.  I think I had him convinced, unfortunately there hasn't been another one since the one at Penn (or was it the Adams Mark? or maybe I missed it).  

Kevin Muszynski


11/18/10 10:19 PM #3    

Richard Schwartz

 Herb's daughter, Emily, would like to connect with people who want to know what happened to Herb after high school and/or would like to share something, a memory or thought, about Herb.  You can post it here and can get in touch with her by contacting me at and I will forward it to her. Your comments will help her see her pop in another time and through your eyes. Please see if you can accomodate this wish for an old classmate's daughter by posting that memory here. Thanks gentlemen.


04/15/19 07:05 PM #4    

Kevin Muszynski

this is the 15th anniversary of Herb’s death in the Broad St Run.


04/15/19 10:04 PM #5    

Ronald Brooks

Herb was in SAR a high school fraternity. I believe he was president of his chapter from Olney and had a good friend named Brian who was also six feet. We had a friendly rivalry and I talked to Herb in central all the time. He was a gentle giant. I have the fondest memory of who was proud of being from Olney.

04/16/19 11:43 AM #6    

William Beitcher

It was the late 90's and I was checking in at Gold's Gym in Cheltenham. I saw a guy my age walk in and he looked a little familiar but I couldn't quite place him. He happened to look over in my direction and smiled. It wasn't really a smile of recognition but more like one OG to another. He walked over and started talking to me. I don't remember now what he said but I do remember vividly his voice. It was unmistakable. A deep somewhat quirky and kind tone. I was pretty sure I was right but I did ask...228? It was a non sequitur and I could see he wasn't sure what to make of it at first but then I saw it hit home. 25+ years vanished in an instant and we were 17 years old again laughing and exchanging stories about Presto and Coleman, etc etc. We ran into each other on and off for a year or so until I moved out of the area. I think he may have been a personal trainer. I'm almost positive he had something to do with fitness and it showed.
When I heard of his passing 6 or 7 years later it was like a punch to the gut. He was so vibrant and seemed full of life. I don't think I have known a more emotionally generous, kinder or sweeter man. If my interactions with him were any indication he left this world a better place for having lived in this purposeful way.
I hope Emily and his family will take solace in my thoughts and memories. Then again I'm sure I'm not telling them anything they don't already know.
Here's to you Herbie..

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